EgoDriven D Ring Leather Penis Ring

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A centre D-ring every slave would be pleased to show off, this cock ring is great for securing to a leash or adding weights. Cock rings are used to help gain and obtain a longer, harder erection. These leather cock rings are quality crafted for enhanced sensations for longer, harder, thicker and stronger play. Use cock rings for masturbation or with a partner to delay orgasms and to maintain erections. The leather provides a smooth and soft ring for a comfortable fit. Wrap the cock ring around the base of the penis or both the penis and the testicles then snap closed. Quickly snap off the ring when ready to orgasm. There are three snaps for adjustable sizing and easy removal.

We think of this ring as your special occasion ring when you want to go to a deeper level of fantasy role play but however you think of it...we love the fact that it is durable and made in Canada.

Made in Canada.

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