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Go commando with this ASLAN Multi-use harness! Wear it as a two strap! The adjustable rear straps put you in control and give you and your partner an all access pass! Double your pleasure! Remove one strap to create a G-style harness that can double as an anal plug harness for him or her.

The Commando is an example of great engineering, Aslan took strong lightweight leather and created a minimal strap harness with interchangeable cock rings. Great for Transmen who prefer to have their balls hang free. The minimal design makes for a comfortable packing harness that is great for any size dildo and can keep a large dildo very secure. Comfortable for long term wear, lightweight design folds up for discreet travel. The Commando harness is rock solid when it comes to staying in place. Strap one on today!

Standard size fits hips up to 111 cm / 44".

Made in Canada.

Available for special order size large fits hips 36" / 91.4 cm to 56" / 142.2 cm. Contact store for details.

Item Code: 1826

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