Who Uses Vibrators? - Lovecraft Sex Shop

Who Uses Vibrators?

Who uses vibrators is an interesting question.

Unfortunately not too many demographic studies have been conducted to determine the statistics on vibrator use.

From our perspective, and observations that we have made in our two bricks and mortar stores that have been in the business of selling sex toys and related products for over 35 years these are some of the conclusions that we have made.

1) Many people use vibrators for a variety of reasons.
2) More females than males use vibrators.
3) Single people use vibrators for self pleasuring or masturbation.
4) People in a relationship will often incorporate a vibrator into their sex play to enhance the experience and to achieve multiple orgasms.

An interesting statistic we came across states that in 1976 Share Hite’s famous survey found that only 1% of respondents had ever used a vibrator. In a 2006 Elle/MSNBC.com Survey 40% of respondents said that they had used a vibrator. This brings to mind that famous quote "You've come a long way baby".