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Secure Shopping - How we keep your information safe!

We use ultra-secure 3DES encryption technology along with 128 bit https encryption to provide 100% security for your online transactions. Security Guaranteed!

Whenever you place an order on our site your information is protected. When you begin your checkout and when you log into your account, we encrypt your information using state-of-the-art encryption technology. This scrambles your information while it moves across the internet, the only computer that can descramble this information is ours!

Once your information arrives at our servers, your credit card number and password are stored in our database using triple-des encryption, this is one of the most secure ways to encrypt stored data. All software that reads information in the database is secured and kept under lock and key. Only hack-proof, inaccessible run-time files are stored on the servers.

The servers that contain your data are kept in a secure co-location facility where admittance is regulated through access only privileges and all persons entering this facility are under constant video surveillance. In the most unlikely event that a server containing data is compromised, the data on it would be useless to anyone without access to the ultra secure decryption key that is under physical lock-and-key in a separate facility.

Your peace of mind is extremely important to us, and for that reason we take your privacy very seriously!