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Massage Tips & Techniques

A massage can release tension, a massage can help regulate blood pressure and boost your immune system. And when done right, an at-home massage has major fringe benefits for you and your partner.

Light candles, play music, fragrance and music can really alter an environment. You can think of this massage as foreplay, depending on the length or simply make it the experience of the night. Use good quality natural massage oil for maximum glide.

Remember this massage is not a sports massage, don't press too hard, and especially initially, gently caress the body, no grimacing here! Remember you're setting a mood.

Use slow even strokes; use the palm of your hand. Work your way into the massage. If you are massaging arms and legs; massage towards the body.

Be aware of how your partner is responding to your touch. Ask questions; make sure that they are enjoying it. Start slowly, working the muscles. Don't put pressure on the spine or other joints.

Shoulders seem to be an area where we hold most of our tension. Shoulders can take a little more pressure. If your hands are tired consider using your forearms. If your partner is sitting, place your right forearm on his right shoulder, palm facing up. Rest your left hand on his left shoulder. Then use your body weight to press down on your forearm while rotating it in toward his neck. Repeat on the other side. Always repeat your technique on the other side. Another easy massage tip, use a tennis ball to roll over your partners shoulders. Save your energy for later!

A scalp massage, if you've ever had one at a salon; you know how good it can feel. Brace your thumbs near the top or back of her head and rotate your fingertips in small circles on the scalp, moving slowly from the forehead to the back of the head. When you're done with the scalp, position your thumbs at the hairline in the middle of the forehead. From here you can use your fingers to rub the temples and also the jaw.

If you don't have enough time to devote to an overall body massage ...then paying attention to her hands and feet this can reward you both. Hold her hand in your hands, with your thumbs on top. Apply pressure to her palms with your finger pads and slowly pull down. Do the same to each finger, but don't pop the knuckles. Then take one foot in both hands so your thumbs are on the bottom of her foot. Squeeze and slide your hands from the ball to the heel. Criss-cross or circle the thumbs up and down the sole. Repeat technique on the other hand and foot.

The Lower back, now this is where we can get really intimate. We tend to be a little more sensitive here, so keep this in mind when using pressure. While straddling him, position one hand on his lower back muscle, with fingers pointing away from his spine. Place your other hand on top of the first hand. Use your body weight to push down slowly, pressing the heels of your hands into the muscle like you're pushing it away from his spine. Try one hand on either side of the spine; rock back and forth. If he has trouble lying on his stomach, place a pillow under his hips to ease the pressure. Go a little lower, yes go for it; massage his butt...always be aware of how he is responding. Think of this as exploratory; you can tease the anus or not. But for this experience think of it as relaxing and intimate.

When you are feeling like you want to take this massage to the next level be sure and gently stroke your partner all over. Turn them over. Place a pillow underneath the lower back. Pay particular attention to any truly sensitive spot and see where it leads you.

Key Points:

  • Massage can ease tension.
  • Set the tone of your massage.
  • Use a quality natural massage oil.
  • Use slow gentle strokes to start.
  • Go to massage spots, shoulders, scalp, hands, feet & lower back.
  • Always listen and be responsive.

* Massage can aggravate pre-existing conditions, even an intimate couple's massage. As always, if you have any health concerns; have a chat with your doctor or registered massage therapist.