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Kegels, What the heck are they?

Have you heard of the term Kegel? The exercise was coined by Dr. Henry Kegel. He discovered that “exercises” can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscle. These muscles are attached to the pelvic bone and act like a hammock, holding in your pelvic organs. A common function of these muscles is stopping and starting the flow of urine.

In men, the benefits of Kegel exercises include increased ejaculatory control. In women, a strong Kegel muscle can aid child birth and gives your vagina a better "grip".

So those are the basics but let's talk a little more about improving your sex life. It helps by giving you more control over vaginal contractions and has a similar effect in men. This can lead to more powerful orgasms and greater sensation for you and your partner.

Locate your sweet spot. Before you can start strengthening your pelvic floor, you've got to know where it is. You know the muscles you squeeze when you're trying not to pee? Those are your pelvic floor muscles. Contract and release your PC muscles four to eight times, and then hold for a few seconds before releasing. (Make sure you're not squeezing your glutes.) It doesn't matter what position you're in: standing, sitting, or laying down. You can even multi task and do them while brushing your teeth, laundry or some other daily routine. Try to make them a habit by making them part of your daily routines.

If you want or need more focus, ladies, consider using a kegel exerciser. We'd recommend balls that are made from good quality materials like silicone. We'd also like the kegel balls to be attached for easy removal. There are a variety of sizes, weights and designs. It may take a little trial and error before you find just the right fit for you. Essentially insert the balls, focus, breath and try to lift the balls using your pelvic muscles. Hold them in place for 2 to 10 seconds. Release, relax and repeat. Try this three times, if you are able. Or alternatively, you can “wear” the balls while just doing daily chores like cleaning your house. Leave them in about 30 minutes. Remove the balls; wash with soap and water, air dry.

Some users report feeling sexually stimulated while wearing the kegels balls. The motion and weight of the balls can be quite arousing. You and your partner will definitely benefit after kegel exercises as you will have developed better muscle control and tighter grip.

Key Points

  • Make Kegels a part of your daily routine.
  • Think of it as a regular work out.
  • Using Kegel balls give you more focus and provides more of a challenge.
  • You & your partner will both benefit sexually by having stronger PC muscles.
  • She'll have a tighter grip & more muscle control.
  • He'll be able to slow down and prevent premature ejaculation.

Examples of Kegel balls