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How to use a Vibrator

There really isn't a "right" way to use a vibrator.

It's really very simple, "Do What Feels Good!"

A vibrator is used for stimulation. The first thing to consider is are you looking for external (clitoral) stimulation, or internal (vaginal) stimulation.

Some vibrators like the Rabbit Habit or Rabbit Pearl can be used for vaginal and clitoral simulation simultaneously. A third option is using a vibrator for anal stimulation. We suggest using a smaller and / or tapered vibrator for anal play (do not use the same vibrator for vaginal and anal use in the same session).

A few simple rules to follow are; keep it clean, either by using mild soap and water or using a condom (recommended especially if sharing toys) and if it isn't waterproof don't submerse it in water.

Using a vibrator is a great way to explore your sexual likes and dislikes. Set the mood; light some candles, play your favourite music, watch some erotica, experiment freely, try different positions, bring yourself to the point of orgasm and then stop and start over again, this time let yourself climax. Use a vibrator to achieve multiple orgasms, enjoy your body and its sensuality.

Using a vibrator is an excellent way for both women and men to enjoy the art of self pleasuring, and a vibrator can be an amazing tool for couples to heighten their sexual intensity and pleasure.